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Deal Memo Terms


  1. Payment Terms: All payments are due within 30 days of invoice date (Net 30) unless explicitly negotiated in writing before hand. Multi-week projects will be invoiced for weekly.

  2. Late Fees: Invoices unpaid by invoice due date are subject to a 10% late fee compounded monthly until which time invoice and late fees are paid in full.

  3. Travel: All costs of travel & working on location including but not limited to hotels, flights, meals, rental vehicles, fuel, tolls, per diem, parking, visas, carnets, gear baggage fees, etc are the sole responsibility of the production company / client.

  4. Cancellation Fees: Once shoot is confirmed all productions are subject to cancellation fees. Cancellation fee for less than 72 hours from shoot dates will be 100% labor & equipment, whereas cancellation 7 to 3 days prior to shoot dates are subject to 50% labor & equipment. Rescheduling shoot dates are only subject to a cancellation fee if other work has been turned down since production was confirmed, in which case the rescheduling fee will be 100% labor and equipment for original production date/dates. 

  5. Meals: A hot meal must be provided by or before 6 hours past call time. If working longer than 12 hours a second meal must be provided by or before 6 hours from the end of the first meal. If production / client fails to provide a meal by or before the 6 hour mark, production will be subject to meal penalties at full hourly rate for every 15 minutes beyond 6 hours until meal is provided. A thirty minute meal break is considered “on the clock’ and 1 hour walk away lunch is considered ”off the clock’ unless portal to portal is in effect.

  6. Insurance: Production Company / Client is required to list Jamison Sweet / SoundMixer.Pro as additionally insured & loss payee with a valid certificate of insurance prior to the first day of the production. Insurance must cover equipment rented from Jamison Sweet / SoundMixer.Pro and General Liability.

  7. Liability & Damage Responsibility: Production / Client is responsible for any and all loss, damage, and/or theft of equipment during the term of the production. Production agrees to cover 100% replacement cost of equipment. If filing a claim with your insurance, deductible is production company / clients responsibility as is the rental of equivalent equipment until lost, damaged, or stolen equipment’s replacement value is paid in full.

  8. International Client: Payment in full is due before release of recorded media & files.

  9. Copyrights: In accordance with USC Title 17, mechanical copyright for all audio recordings created through equipment owned by SoundMixer.Pro and stored on any media, these recordings are owned by SoundMixer.Pro until such time as the invoice has been paid in full. Upon full payment, copyright automatically reverts to client.

  10. NDA Agreements: Jamison Sweet / SoundMixer.Pro are willing to sign nondisclosure agreements provided the NDA does not restrict Jamison Sweet / SoundMixer.Pro from disclosing the name of the end client after production has concluded for promotional purposes.

  11. Estimates: Any estimate provided should only be considered a quote based on the information provided and final invoice total may change based on labor overages and / or additional rented equipment.

  12. Negotiations: Any negotiated rates or terms different from what this rate card and deal memo terms states must be in writing and signed by both parties (Production Company / Client and Jamison Sweet - SoundMixer.Pro).

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“Unlike all the other art forms,

film is able to seize

and render the passage of time,

to stop it,

almost to possess it in infinity.

I’d say that film is the sculpting of time.”


. Andrei Tarkovsky . 

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